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Full-day Canyoning.

Designed for those who want to enjoy a good dose of canyoning.

Suitable for individuals, couples, families with larger children, teambuilding in smaller groups.

109€ adult person

Children 99€ (up to 14 years)

Basic information – Itinerary

Included in the price

  • Canyoning tour
  • Equipment
  • Neoprene suit – Overall 5mm (you can have your own, of appropriate thickness, with long sleeves and legs)
  • Neoprene socks (you can bring your own)
  • Seat with carabiners – for canyoning a special seat with  sliding surface on the butt is used, so a climbing seat is not suitable
  • Climbing or canyoning helmet with  certification (you can bring your own)
  • Qualified Riverbug guide
  • Parking and entrance fees

Bring with you

  • Swimwear underneath the wetsuit
  • Own shoes (will be wet). We recommend walking boots, or sturdy shoes above the ankle with grippy (non-slip) soles. No sandals, no canvas shoes, no flip-flops.
  • Neoprene cap – in cold weather
  • Neoprene gloves – for freezers (worse handling with  the rope)
  • Medication if necessary – allergies, asthma, diabetes,… and inform the instructor
  • Light snack – e.g. muesli bar, apple, water
  • Towel and clothes
  • Good mood 🙂

Start and meeting point

9:00 a. m. at the Black Sheeps Adventures base


6-7 hours, time in the canyon 4-5 hours.

The time schedule is only indicative (depends on water level, weather, participants themselves).

Price does not include

  • Insurance. We recommend additional insurance for mountain rescue and helicopter rescue.
  • Transfer – The participant is transfering to the canyon by his/her own car

Choosing a canyon

Please write your preferences in the notes of the order form. However, we reserve the right to change or reschedule the canyon due to weather conditions and safety (upon agreement with the client).

The course of the canyoning tour:

  • We will meet at our Black Sheeps Adventures base in Wildalpen at the agreed time.
  • This is followed by filling in the list of participants, providing basic information.
  • Participants will be given the necessary equipment (Each person guarantees that the equipment is of the correct size and complete. Incompleteness of equipment is a hindrance to  canyoning.)
  • Transportation by own cars to the parking lot under the canyon follows.
  • Change of clothes – we recommend a towel and a swimsuit, changing is usually done in the car park.
  • Walking to the canyon – here we take only things that can get wet. On  warmer days, walking in  swimwear is recommended, and lighter e.g. Functional t-shirt. The equipment is  then carried in hands or slung on the back.
  • Before entering the canyon itself, there will be a safety training on how to move in the canyon and a rappelling test
  • Off we go, let’s do it!
  • After passing the canyon we walk back to  the car. Changing clothes and handing over the equipment to the guide. Farewell.
  • The option to shower at the Black Sheeps Adventures base in Wildalpen.

Lassingfall Canyon

  • Location: Wienerbruck by Mariazell (Ötschergraben)
  • Distance from base: 1 hour, 60 km (by car)
  • Passable: may – october
  • Weather: passable even in rain
  • Group size: 2-6 persons per Guide
  • Condition: 6/10
  • Ascent: 45 min – gravel road
  • Descending the canyon: 4-6 hours (depending on group size)
  • Back to  car: 45 min (part of the way uphill again)
  • Height difference: 170m
  • Highest rappeling: 70m (split in 2x)
  • Jumps: 2 x 5m (first jump can be done more than once)
  • Slide: no

Weissenbach Canyon

A rappelling canyon, with less water. For the more experienced and physically fit. The canyon is typical for its white colour (hence the name) and depth (sometimes you can hardly see the sky). It provides top-notch cooling – almost no sun, a sight of the wildness of nature – the changing character of the canyon after the rains (invaded trees that have to be climbed over,…). The canyon is only passable after a prolonged dry period and in a 100% rain-free forecast. The road to the canyon is exposed, narrow in places. The canyon itself is deep and narrow in the first part, the second part is open and sunny – more pedestrian. At the end, the opportunity to bathe in the clear Radmerbach creek.

  • Locality: Radmer bei Hieflau
  • Distance from the base: 40 min, 40 km (by car)
  • Passable: may – october
  • Weather: passable only after a prolonged dry spell and on a 100% rain-free day
  • Group size: 2-4 persons per Guide
  • Condition: 8/10
  • Ascent: 1 hour – narrow forest path, exposed in places, crossing gravel slopes
  • Descending the canyon: 3-4 hours (depending on group size)
  • Back to  car: 0 min
  • Height difference: 220 m
  • Highest rappeling: 15 m
  • Jumps: no
  • Slide: smaller

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