General Terms and Conditions – Activities


The general terms and conditions of Black Sheeps Adventures KG, hereinafter referred to as Black Sheeps:

1. Registration / deposit

Registration can be done in writing, by phone, or in person. After confirmation by Black Sheeps via phone, in writing, or in person, the registration becomes binding, and the accommodation or activity contract becomes valid. Unless otherwise agreed, a 50% deposit to the Black Sheeps account at Tatrabanka SK (Swift Code for EU transfers: SK7711000000002944054654 / BIC TATRSKBX) is due immediately after registration.

2. Cancellation policy

  1. We adhere to the General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry (AGBH 2006), which provide the following cancellation policy:
  • Up to 3 months before the agreed arrival date, the accommodation or booked service contract can be terminated by one-sided declaration by the contracting party without payment of a cancellation fee.
  • Outside of the above period, cancellation by one-sided declaration of the contracting party is only possible with payment of the following cancellation fees:
    • Up to 1 month before the arrival date: 40% of the total arrangement price.
    • Up to 1 week before the arrival date: 70% of the total arrangement price.
    • In the last week before the arrival date: 90% of the total arrangement price.
    • In case of non-appearance for the tour or room: 100%.

3. Services

The exact services are specified in the program and detailed information. Individual bookings are also possible. Coordination of dates with other individual or group bookings is possible. A fixed date is available for groups of 4 or more.

4. Participation Conditions

Each participant assures (signature in the participant list) that they have the necessary psychological and physical conditions required for the selected tour, as listed in the terms and conditions.

5. Alcohol / Medication / Drugs

Persons impaired by medication, alcohol, or drugs are excluded from the tour. Such impaired participation will be canceled (100%). Each participant is required to inform the guide of any possible health problems (asthma, allergies, etc.) before the activity and to ensure the availability of necessary medication during the activities.

6. Responsibility

Every participant in Black Sheeps activities understands that they are participating in an adventure activity that cannot offer the comfort and safety of a standard activity. Black Sheeps activities are led by trained instructors. The equipment complies with the latest safety standards. Each activity is precisely planned, prepared and tested. Safety training is given by the instructor before each activity. The risks are diverse and cannot be completely eliminated. The liability of Black Sheeps and the guide for all property damage resulting from participation in an event is limited to gross negligence and intent. Liability for personal injury resulting from uncontrollable (natural) hazards or actions of third parties (e.g., other participants) is limited to gross negligence and intent. There is no liability for the participant’s own actions or damage resulting from activities beyond the booked program.

7. Duty of Care

The participant must follow all safety instructions of the instructor and actively participate in the activity. Tour participants are obliged to help each other.

8. Requirements

The tour guide is authorized to exclude participants who violate these terms and conditions, especially those who do not meet the necessary requirements for the tour, or to abort the tour. The tour guide reserves the right to modify, expand, or restrict the tour program due to unforeseen circumstances that may jeopardize the safety of guests (e.g., high water level, weather change, inadequate skills of participants). In such cases, the participant is not entitled to compensation from Black Sheeps or the tour guide.

9. Damages

The participant is obliged to report any damage or injury to the guide immediately.

10. Timetable

The duration of the activity cannot be estimated in advance. These times are approximate. There is no guarantee of compliance with these guideline times.

11. Transportation

Black Sheeps is not liable for any damages or accidents arising from the journey by private vehicle to and from Black Sheeps’ headquarters.

12. Jurisdiction

Austrian law applies (excluding referral rules and the UN Sales Convention). Place of fulfillment is A-8924 Wildalpen. Exclusive local jurisdiction of the court responsible for Wildalpen is agreed upon.

13. Typographical Errors

Price or program changes and typographical error corrections are reserved.

14. Scope of validity

Points 1-13 applies to all Black Sheeps activities. In addition, the following special conditions apply to the activities listed below.

Special conditions for RAFTING at Black Sheeps:

  1. Participation/transportation in this activity requires sufficient swimming skills in flowing water.
  2. Children under 6 years of age are not allowed. Children between the ages of 6 and 15 can only participate in the river activities if they are accompanied by an authorised person over the age of 19. Rafting on the river Enns is only possible from the age of 14 from the railway bridge behind Gesäuseeingang.
  3. During the ride, each participant assumes responsibility for ensuring that the helmet chin strap and lifejacket buckle are fastened and sufficiently tightened. Each participant is responsible for making sure they have all the equipment needed for the activity. The tour leader has the right to exclude a participant from an activity if he/she finds that the participant has forgotten something (not fully equipped) – if this circumstance is caused by the negligence of the participant.
  4. Smoking and making noise during the ride is prohibited. As well as throwing away any rubbish outside the designated containers.
  5. The participant is obliged to assist in handling the boat to and from the transport vehicle.
  6. It is the participant’s responsibility to exercise extra caution when entering and exiting the boat because of shallows, slippery rocks, varying river currents and unexpected boat movements can be expected, increasing the risk of injury.
  7. Use of the Wasserlochklamm jump and white water swimming are not part of the program and are at one’s own risk, as is the use of the Palfauer Schlucht rock jump.

Special conditions for KAJAK, RIVERBUG and KANOE at Black Sheeps:

  1. In addition to points 1-20, the following conditions apply to these activities:
  2. Each participant must ensure that the entire group is within sight. If necessary, stop at a suitable and safe place to re-establish visual contact (wait for the rest of the group).
  3. Avoid places with protruding trees and bushes (danger of getting caught).
  4. It should be stressed that there is no Black Sheeps guide on board the client’s boat for these activities. The group is properly trained and accompanied by a Black Sheeps guide on their own boat. Participants must steer their boats independently and avoid potential danger spots. Black Sheeps assumes no responsibility for damages, claims or injuries incurred during these activities, but only provides instruction and equipment rental.

Special conditions for CANYONING at Black Sheeps:

In addition to points 1-20, the following conditions apply to these activities:

  1. Activity in the canyon is mostly in off-road terrain where particularly slippery passages can be expected. A slip can therefore come at any time. Each participant must therefore move with particular care and caution. The guide shows participants how to navigate the canyon.
  2. All places where there is a risk of falling are only accessible to participants under the supervision of a guide and with sufficient security. In the canyon, the risk of falling rocks cannot be excluded.
  3. Each participant is responsible for maintaining eye contact with other participants and the guide in the canyon.
  4. Special equipment is used for canyoning. Before and during the activity, each participant will receive detailed training on how to use the equipment. This equipment should be handled with particular care and caution.
  5. Jumping is only allowed with the express permission of the canyoning guide and the instructions must be strictly followed. In addition, varying water depths can be expected in the pools, so it is only allowed to jump in the part and to the place designated by the canyon guide. If the jump is not feasible for any reason after the participant’s assessment, the canyoning guide must be informed and must find alternative ways to safely overcome the height difference. Each participant must make sure that he/she chooses a safe and non-slip bounce point and that his/her hands are pressed against his/her body when jumping and that he/she only jumps with his/her legs (slightly bent) in front. In principle, the feet can be expected to touch the bottom and therefore the jump must be caught with the feet. Gliding
    in the creek bed must be done in a prone position, with the head bent forward (chin on chest) and arms folded against the body, legs slightly bent ready to inhibit any contact with the bottom. Each participant must bring ankle boots with non-slip soles that are suitable for walking on off-road terrain. Black Sheeps accepts no responsibility for any damage to participant’s equipment.
  6. Each participant must make sure that the harness (seat), helmet and carabiner are securely closed at all times. Discrepancies should be reported to the canyoning guide immediately. Each participant must show consideration for the other participants and provide reasonable assistance when requested by the canyoning guide.

Special Conditions for Equipment Rental from Black Sheeps:

  1. Activities with rental equipment from Black Sheeps are carried out without a tour guide. The activities are therefore at one’s own risk. No liability is assumed for damages.
  2. The hirer must carefully inspect the rental equipment on receipt that the hired equipment is not damaged and is complete and report any damage/deficiencies. Damage to Black Sheeps rented equipment caused by the renter must be reported and paid for in full (cost of new).
  3. The lessee is responsible for having sufficient skill/experience to navigate the planned section, is familiar with the river and is aware of all risks.
  4. The renter is obliged to return the rented equipment clean, washed (disinfection, clean water – will be provided by the renter). Otherwise, the owner may charge a cleaning fee.

Photos and videos

Occasionally, photos and videos are taken by Black Sheeps for promotional purposes and published. By booking our programs, you consent to us taking photos and videos of you and your group members as part of our programs and publishing them for promotional purposes.

Black Sheeps Adventures KG