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I was born in 1983. I have loved sports and movement since I was a little guy. I spent every spare moment outside or in the sports field. My parents have always supported me when I wanted to try something new. I also enjoy working in the workshop and doing creative handwork.

I graduated from secondary school and then continued my studies at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.
During my studies I took the opportunity to study abroad through the Erasmus program. I spent one full year at a partner university in Helsinki, Finland. I am fluent in English, German and of course Slovak and Czech.

After school I started working in a construction company in Brno and Bratislava.
Over time, my office job stopped fulfilling me, so I decided to make a radical change.
I took a ski instructor course and went on an adventure trip to Austria. I was accepted to the Hochkar ski resort, which I liked immediately. At Hochkar I work as a ski instructor and in my free time I explore its snow-covered slopes.

I got to know real white water rafting and kayaking here, on the beautiful Salza and Enns rivers. This wet adrenaline rush enchanted me so much that it became my job and hobby at the same time.

I work with people who have a good mood and a smile on their face. And that’s the amazing thing about it.

IRF International Rafting Federation Guide WW III, Ski instructor

My name is Andrea, but everyone calls me “Aja”. I was born in 1988 in Zlín, my family and I then moved to the outskirts of a smaller town where I graduated from high school and then from the University of Mining – Economics and Law in Business in Ostrava.

I have enjoyed sports since I was a little girl. Of course not the traditional ones. I didn’t enjoy team ball games (I still don’t enjoy them) or running or jumping in the sand, etc…

I was drawn to more adrenaline-filled activities (jumping out of a plane in 2011, paragliding course in 2009, yacht skipper in 2014 – I had to repeat my state exams because of that, …). When I was ten years old, my dad wanted to take me to the Himalayas to the Mt. Everest base camp, but he was forbidden by my mom (I will go one day). And so we went mostly skiing around Europe, hiking, exploring nature,…

However, Austria caught my attention the most of all the countries. Even as a child I told my parents that I would live in Austria and make a living through skiing, at that time they just laughed. But my childhood dream came true at the age of 23. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, and while I was studying I started teach in Jeseníky as a ski and snowboard instructorwhich attracted me so much that I wanted to give it my full attention. Of course, in the Czech Republic it is not exactly a job to make a living. So I went to the office. I stayed there for a month, quit after a month, packed up my green leaky Felicia and went to Hochkar in Austria to teach skiing without knowing German.

Those few months here captivated me so much that I didn’t want to go back home. My roommate at the time told me about the possibility of doing a Rafting Guide course. Okay, I already have some experience with water, I’ve picked up some German too, I recognized that I won’t give anything up for a try (except the money for the course of course). I successfully completed the course, then worked for 3 years as a guide for local companies on the Salza, where I gained experience not only with rafting, but also kayaking, and generally operating on the water.

Then came the decisive 3. winter season where David and I met, fell in love, and started Black Sheeps Adventures. And whether we succeed is up to you…

IRF Guide WW III,Kärtner Schluchtenführer (Canyoning Guide), Ski Instructor

Our base

Our base offers

  • relaxed atmosphere
  • extremely competent instructors ready to advise and assist immediately.
  • top quality of all equipment

It doesn’t matter if you take part in our tours, take our course, use our accommodation, or just rent equipment from us – our goal is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.
Just a short distance from our base is Helli Welli, one of the best training waves in Europe. There is also a slalom course, where the European Rafting Cup is held every year. The Hinterwildalpenbach creek, offering jumps up to 3m high.
Of the more than 40 km navigable stretch of the Salza River, the main parts of the wild waters lie within a 20 km radius of our base.
Even advanced paddlers will find something to do here. In the nearby area, there are several more challenging rivers and creeks with the rapids up to class WW5.

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Kühbachau 170
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