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Rafting on the Enns.

A beautiful river with wild rapids that takes us into the heart of the Gesäuse National Park. Tour includes a visit to the breathtaking Bruckgraben Canyon. Rafting tour that offers experiences for everyone.

99€ adult person

Children 79€ (up to 14 years)

Basic information – Itinerary

Included in the price

  • Rafting tour
  • Complete equipment:
  • Neoprene pants, jacket, boots, white water life jacket, helmet, paddle
  • Raft Guide with certification – IRF
  • Transfer to the put-in point in Gesäuse National Park and from  the take-out point back to the Black Sheeps Adventures base in Wildalpen.
  • Snack
  • Possibility to take a shower after the tour

Start and meeting point


Ca 5 hours, time on the water 3 hours


Ca 8 km

What to bring with you

  • Swimwear underneath the wetsuit
  • Good mood 🙂


White water class 2 to 3 (depending on water level)

The course of the tour

  • Meeting at the Black Sheeps Adventures base in Wildalpen, provision of basic information, completion of participant forms.
  • Distribution of equipment.
  • Loading the boat, departure to  river.
  • Basic training by the raft guide (how to paddle, what to do if…, etc.)
  • Getting into the boat and off we go, let’s do it!
  • The rafting tour takes place on the section of the river from Gesäuse Eingang to Gstatterboden. (It is possible that we will need the cooperation of the driver and the vehicle of one of the participants).
  • We are about to embark on a relaxed rafting trip (with some big waves at times) in the Gesäuse National Park, with impressive views of the surrounding mountains (Hochtor Group).
  • About halfway along the tour there is a break for a snack on one of the pebble beaches.
  • Tour includes a visit to the breathtaking Bruckgraben Canyon.
  • End of the tour at  Gstatterboden, take the boats out to the car park, change, from where transport back to the Black Sheeps Adventures base is organised.
  • The time schedule is only indicative (depends on water level, weather, participants themselves).

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