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Kayak course

is another way to enjoy holiday on the Salza.

The kayak is suitable for beginners who have never been on white water before, as well as for those who have already tried rafting and would like to try something different.

A kayak differs from a raft in that it is not inflatable and you sit in it alone. And therefore without a guide to steer your boat.

Of course, a trained instructor is always present and ready to intervene if you need help.

100€ / day

In price included

  • Kajak kurs
  • Complete equipment
  • Neoprene pants, jacket, boots, white water life jacket, helmet, paddle, spray deck, kayak
  • Kayak instructor
  • Transportation to and from the drop-off point back to the Black Sheeps Adventures base (sometimes we may need a car and driver from one of the course participants to re-park our vehicle)
  • Possibility to take a shower after the tour

Start and meeting point

10:00 a.m. at Black Sheeps Adventures base


Ca 6 hours, time on the water 3-4 hours

What to bring with you

  • Swimwear underneath the wetsuit
  • Snack
  • Good mood 🙂


Wild Water 1 to 2


  • Children from 12 years old
  • Swimmer


Day one

  • Meet at the Black Sheeps Adventures base in Wildalpen, followed by meeting the instructor, filling out the participant list.
  • Distribution of equipment such as boat, paddle, spritz (skirt used to cover the entrance to the boat), wetsuit, boots, helmet, vest
  • Theoretical interpretation of kayaking
  • Loading the boat, departure to the river
  • Then comes the dry training (paddling technique, getting out of the boat after capsizing, …)
  • After a successful training, we go to the water (standing water to start with), where we practice things from the dry training “wet”
  • Arriving at the campsite, changing, showering,…
  • The time schedule is only indicative (depends on water conditions, weather, participants themselves).

Day two

  • We will meet again at our base at 10:00 a.m., everyone has their equipment, so we go straight to the river (the section and length of the route is determined individually according to the possibilities and experience of the participants) …
  • Training in going in the current, against the current, crossing the river from side to side, “parking” in the backwash (behind obstacles), improving paddling technique, safety on the river, etc.

Day Three

  • Improvement of already acquired knowledge, possibility of training “Eskimo” in the pool

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